Celebrity Stories

Many celebrities have tried cellular treatments in the past few years.  A number of them seem very happy with the results.  This includes basketball stars Kobe Bryant and Andrew Bynum, baseball’s Alex Rodriguez and Barton Colon, football greats Peyton Manning and Jarvis Green, soccer players such as Angel Di Maria and Diego Costa, and even golfer Tiger Wood (if you believe the rumors).  Politicians are no exception, as exemplified by Texas Gov. Rick Perry.  Even super-models such as Janice Dickinson and TV anchors like Robin Roberts had positive experiences.  Some of their stories are summarized below.
After receiving treatment based on platelet-rich plasma in Germany in 2011 for his knee injuries, Kobe Bryant has remained close to the top of his game for 3 more years, even at the ripe age of 36.  He even recommended the treatment to Alex Rodriguez, leading the baseball star to undergo the same sports injury treatment for his knee injuries late last year. Bryant hasn’t commented publicly on the treatment, but A-Rod has described the feelings of his friend. Bryant “was really adamant about how great the procedure was for him,” Rodriguez told reporters.  “I know that he was hurting before, almost even thinking about retirement, that’s how much pain he was under. And then he said after he went to Germany he felt like a 27-year-old again. I was still a little apprehensive about it and he kept staying on me about it.”
Barton Colon, a New York Yankees pitcher, received stem-cell treatment for a chronic shoulder injury (common among big-league pitchers). He missed the entire 2010 season after elbow surgery, and then he went to a Dominican Republic sports injury clinic for stem cell treatment in his homeland. He had stem cells from his own fat and bone marrow injected into his shoulder, and came back in 2011 with an impressive year.
Jarvis Green, former NFL player, received stem cell therapy not just for his career but also for his quality of life. His knee was damaged from years of football. He decided that, rather than limp in pain the rest of his life, he would go to a sports injury clinic. He was so happy with the results that he had a message for quarterback Peyton Manning: good things will happen with stem cell research
Peyton Manning is perhaps one of the most recognizable football athlete to undergo stem cell treatment, particularly since he flew to a German sports injury clinic — against team doctors’ advice — for treatments on his neck after several failed surgeries. A spotlight was thrown on Manning, and on NFL players and stem cell therapy. Other players, like Terrell Owens and, most recently, the Raiders’ Rolando McClain, have since admitted pursuing stem cell therapy in their treatment plans.
Robin Roberts, the Good Morning America anchor, received what is called an allogenic transplant, which means she received stem cells from a donor (her sister).  This procedure, consisting in injecting stem cells into Roberts, is more often used in a sports injury clinic context, and has apparently helped breathe new life into this beloved news anchor.
Texas Gov. Rick Perry had a stem cell treatment in which cells from his own hip fatty tissue was cultured and re-injected into his spine and blood stream.  This treatment was apparently so successful for his condition that, since then, Gov. Perry has been a strong proponent of adult stem cell research, even successfully urging the Texas Medical Board to enhance the state's position on adult stem cell research.
Janice Dickinson also had recourse to stem cell therapy.  She received a head injury leading to a diagnosis of concussion.  She explains; “with damage to my neck, shoulder blades, back and knee. Ever since then, my life has been miserable."  Even with the local support of her fiancé, Dr. Robert Gerner, she still sought treatment in China with long-time friend Dr. Brian Mehling. Dickinson tells Us Magazine, "I was back to my normal self instantaneously! I woke up feeing just energized, jazzed to new levels.

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