Our Testimonials

I wanted to write and tell you of the miraculous progress I’ve experienced since having stem cell therapy with NuStem.
I say “miraculous” because after experiencing moderate to severe pain in my right shoulder due to Bursitis for the better part of fifteen months prior to meeting with you, I would never have thought it possible that I would actually be not just slightly, but completely, pain free in such a short period of time.
Of course, having said that, I do recall you being very clear in telling me that I could expect improvement within one to six weeks.    It’s been exactly three weeks and two days since my treatment and I can tell you that  “improvement” would be a dramatic understatement. 
Admittedly, I was skeptical.  As you know, I had tried every anti-inflammatory possible, a large variety of herbal supplements, acupuncture, muscle relaxers, pain pills, cold laser treatments and physical therapy with little to no relief. 
With each month that passed prior to the stem call treatment, gradually, I lost more and more sleep due to the pain and found my mobility decreasing steadily. 
As you and your staff will recall, by the time I came into NuStem for the stem call and PRP treatment, I couldn’t raise my arm to shake hands with the doctor.
Every day now I find myself smiling and thinking, “Oh yes, I remember when I used to be able to move my arm like this, pick this up like this, reach like this, shampoo my hair like this, dry my hair like this, turn my steering wheel like this, pick up a glass of water like this, open a door like this, lift a fork like this, push myself out of bed like this, brush my hair like this, wave goodbye like this, put on the seat belt like this, shake someone’s hand like this, turn on a light switch like this, lift my cell phone to my ear like this,, sign my name like this”….and the list goes on and on and on. 
I can’t speak to results experienced by others, but I can honestly say that I have experienced such dramatic relief and unexpected improvement, it’s difficult for me to believe it’s true…but it is with great pleasure and gratitude that I can say, I do believe!
Thank you and everyone on your team, who couldn’t have been more professional and compassionate, for the amazing gift of “freedom” I received from your services.
Peter Lewis, July 15, 2016


I went to NuStem because a friend told me about the procedure for your face.. They said it was natural, and they use your own cells.. I went to check this out, and I did the procedure, it was simple, and I still went to the gym afterwards… I have been in entertainment most of my life, and do not believe in surgeries.. I like the way I look, and do not want to change me.. This gave me a youthful appearance without doing anything that people would notice.. Everyone said I look like I'm well rested, and younger all to NuStem …

Fabio, 2015

One day, while exercising, I noticed my right should felt awkward and uncomfortable. I thought it was muscle soreness from working out, but uncharacteristically, I just couldn’t shake it. Unfortunately, my pain increased and, soon, I couldn’t lift anything over my head. It was terrifying. I reluctantly opted for rotator cuff surgery, but thought I would first try PRP.

I turned to NuStem. They discovered a small rotator cuff tear in my shoulder and tendinitis in my knee. To finally have a diagnosis to understand what was actually wrong was such a relief.

NuStem recommended a treatment plan of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP). I was back in the gym within the first month. Over time, the treatments fully healed my shoulder and knee and allowed me to live my life again. My confidence was restored.

Thank you NuStem,
Kerri B., 2015


Note disappearance of "bags" under the eyes. Also reduction in depth of naso-labial folds, minimization of forehead wrinkles, and improved texture and fullness of the skin in general.

Rod Stewart, 2014


I would like to thank NuStem for providing me a unique cutting edge and natural therapy for helping me maintain an active and positive lifestyle. I am a caucasian male in my mid 40's and had reached a point where I was not pleased with my physical appearance. I was specifically concerned with the aging of my face. Over the years I had acquired deep naso-labial folds, crows feet around my eyes, and sagging jawline. I knew that cosmetic fillers were an option but I did not like the thought of injecting foreign substances into my tissue and did not want to be subject to return procedures every several months.

When I heard about NuStem I realized that their techniques and procedures where completely unique as they purify and harvest stem cells taken from your own tissue during a 1 hour long out patient procedure. To me, stimulating growth and vascularizing my facial tissue with my own stem cells was the answer I had been looking for. Everyone on staff was extremely courteous and knowledgable, and they made me feel welcome even with the simplest requests or questions regarding the entire process.

Within the first week after the procedure I saw fine lines in my face disappear. Over a few weeks I saw a significant reduction in lines around my nose (naso-labial) as the collagen began to regrow and establish itself. It became a treat to wake up every morning and observe how my face had reversed aging each time I peered into the mirror.

Its been about 9 months since my procedure and when I compare pictures of me before and after, the improvements are still present. I am very grateful to NuStem for providing me a unique and safe alternative and helping me achieve my goals.

Paul Bogart, 2014


For over a year, I experienced painful throbbing in my right knee. It would at times buckle from under me as well. For about a year and a half, I had a weak right elbow that would not allow me to straighten my arm out completely when working out lifting free weights.
I had one session of PRP injection therapy performed on both these areas with truly amazing results! I was a little sore and stiff for 2 days afterwards, which is to be expected, but after that, I felt great! I feel no more pain in either my knee or elbow! My knee has regained all its mobility and flexibility. I am able to completely straighten out my right arm now and have regained a full turning range of motion with my elbow.
I had PRP injection therapy done on my face as well. This area had no follow-up pain what so ever.  The skin on my face is noticeably tighter and firmer. The skin is plump and radiant and I appear much more youthful. I feel it helped diminish the “dark” circles I had under my eyes for years as well. Truly remarkable!
Pauline K, Dec 2013