The Service

NuStem believes each patient has the ability to heal and recover within them. All they need is a little encouragement.  Consequently, our services are delivered in the caring environment of our dedicated clinic, with a positive attitude and a smile.
Our goal is to eliminate the long waits patients typically encounter in most clinical environments.  We schedule patients with ample time to discuss options, listen to concerns, answer questions, provide treatment and encourage longer recovery times if more confortable for the patient.  Although we do not discourage walk-ins, our process typically starts with a free phone consultation, followed by a schedule face-to-face consultation if desired, and a scheduled treatment session.  Every patient is expected and treated in a timely fashion.  There should be little to no waiting.
Another goal is to minimize the lengthy filling of forms.  Information is of course needed and critical to the quality of care.  However, no patient enjoys entering a doctor’s office to be handed 4-10 pages of forms to fill, sometimes going back years or decades, with a lot of seemingly irrelevant questions.  At NuStem, we hope to focus on your problems, not our internal paper requirements.  Consequently, upon your arrival, we will offer you prompt access to a exam room where one of our friendly staff will come and ask you the questions needed for them to fill our forms.  No need to you to do it.
Our priority is YOU.  You should of course expect professional and efficient service but also personal and friendly.  Out staff really cares and enjoys what they do.  Each one of us has personally experienced some of our service offerings and therefore understands what you will be going through from your perspective. 
If you feel that you have not receive the quality of service you expect or if you are unhappy with your treatment for any reason, please do not hesitate to let our front desk know.  Specific grievances will be either resolved immediately if possible or escalated to management.  No request should fall through the cracks.  In general, any suggestion for improvement is highly welcome.
Our service should not end the minute your payment is processed and treatment is completed.  You should expect contentious follow-up and a high degree of care.  Our success depends on you experiencing positive results.  Nothing happens overnight so it is important that you receive adequate follow-up over time with ample opportunity to provide us with your feedback.  Of course, if you prefer not to be disturbed, we can certainly keep any post-treatment contact to a minimum as well.
Call NuStem today to schedule your complimentary consultation at 844-4NUSTEM (844-468-7836).