What Are the Benefits?

Cellular Therapy is:
  • Effective. Results are sometimes apparent within days, but mostly within weeks, depending on the area treated. Recent reviews of the scientific evidence available point at clear benefits.
  • Safe. There is practically no evidence of complications or side effects. A survey of medical practitioners covering over 490,000 patients reports only 0.01% complications, mostly minor and resolved satisfactorily.
  • Non-invasive. No surgery is required.
  • Natural. We use your cells to help heal your body. No foreign substances or drugs.
  • Discreet. No visible scars or bandages are needed post-treatment.
  • Minimizing Pain. Treatments only involve injections under local anesthesia.
  • Quick. The procedure is fast and most patients can recover within a few days or weeks.
  • Affordable. More cost-effective than surgery or long-term physical therapy.
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Regenerative cellular therapies such as the use of stem cells are widely studied as adjunctive therapies for many conditions, including acute injuries in the skeletal-muscular system as well as in inner organs such as the heart or the brain. Cellular therapy does not replace standard therapies as recommended by your doctor, but may serve as an addition to existing or recommended therapies.  Currently, stem cell therapy is not FDA-approved and is considered experimental.  However, numerous published studies worldwide have shown significant benefits.  Stem cell therapy might represent one of the most potent future medical therapies.  

NuStem is offering patient-funded research to provide individual patients with regenerative therapy. NuStem is not involved in the use or manufacture of any investigational drugs. NuStem uses scientific protocols in a systematic manner with scheduled follow up appointments and objective measures for scientific purposes. NuStem is not offering cell therapy as a cure for any condition, disease or injury. Any decision to participate in our patient-funded experimental protocols is completely voluntary.
This website contains no medical advice.  No statements or implied treatments on this website have been evaluated or approved by the FDA.  All statements and opinions provided by this website are for educational and informational purposes only and no diagnoses or treatments are offered via this website or by telephone.  It’s important for potential patients to do their own research based on the options presented so that one can make an informed decision.

ATTENTION:  If you have any concern with cellular therapy, any of our services, methods, techniques, related products, marketing literature or website, or think we may be violating any U.S. law, please CONTACT US so that we can investigate the matter or concern immediately.