The Pricing
Providing a specific price quote with any accuracy is difficult without talking to you.  We are not trying to dodge the question.  The difficulty in giving you a simple answer is due to the 3 levels of service (Treatment Options), each with potentially many sub-levels of services, as well as at least 4 different areas treated (Services), leading to a minimum of 12 possible basic combinations.  However, this is further complicated by the number of different options in terms of the amount of cells that can be re-inserted, multiplying the variables affecting pricing.  In addition, a number of the treatments work best in packages with repeat treatments over a period of a few months.  Finally, patients often want to address multiple unrelated areas, sometimes in the same session.  As you can see, this results in hundreds of different end results, making a quick pricing quote impossible.
In general, one should expect costs to vary from as low as a few hundred dollars for entry-level treatments or subsequent sessions, to a few thousand dollars for more sophisticated options, and climbing with increased potency and multiple-treatment packages.
Financing options such as Care Credit are available through third parties.  You can contact them directly ( or ask us for assistance.  Insurance reimbursement can also be obtained for ancillary services surrounding the actual treatment and we can provide administrative support to our clients should they need help in this respect.
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