Baldness and Hair Loss Treatment

Another joy of the aging process: hairloss. While not everyone suffers from baldness, many do experience thinning hair and some amount of hairloss. Those with male pattern baldness get that characteristic horseshoe ring.
While some leave it be, others may resort to hair plugs or hair transplants to regain some of their youth. However, these baldness procedures do not always work and can cause a whole lot of pain for less benefit. Each hair or plug must be transplanted individually and there is no guarantee it will take root.
NuStem now offers cellular therapy for those suffering from hairloss. We can inject your own cells into the scalp in an effort to stimulate the hair follicles. With stem cells growing and multiplying in these tissues, new hair can begin to grow. Over time, hairloss is diminished and patients regain a youthful appearance.
This hair loss treatment is natural and does not require invasive surgery.  It can also be combined with other solutions, be it Rogaine or hair transplants, for improved results.
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