Treatment Options Summary

We have three treatment options, or levels of service, as follows:

  • Simple Injection, also called Prolotherapy, abbreviated as Prolo therapy
  • Turbo Injection, also called Platelet Rich Plasma, abbreviated as PRP therapy
  • Cellular injection, also called cellular treatment or cellular therapy
These three treatment options correspond to three levels of service in increasing potency as well as cost.

Prolo Therapy: 
this is our entry-level solution. It is simple, quick, painless, very safe, cost-effective and has a well documented history of success in pain management.  Typically, Prolo is used for simple cases where pain minimization is the primary goal.  For more information, please click on this Prolo Therapy link.

PRP Therapy: 
this option is our intermediate-level offering.  It is a little more involved than our entry-level Prolo but is still simple, quick and safe.  A PRP injection is more costly, but it enhances the results: in addition to pain reduction, it has the potential to address the cause of the problem by helping regenerate tissue.  PRP therapy is typically considered for most common cases, or as a follow-on to Prolo therapy.  Usually a single PRP injection is not the preferred option and a package of multiple PRP sessions is considered.  Sometimes a PRP injection is combined with the stem cell treatment discussed next.  For more information, please click on this PRP Therapy link.

Cellular Therapy: this is our most advanced offering.  Cellular therapy is intended to not only trigger and accelerate the healing process, but to also provide a very large number of cells, thought to be a key component to tissue generation. It is thus the most potent option but also the most costly. Furthermore, it can be more invasive, yet still very safe. It focuses squarely on the cause of your problem, bringing the most resources to bear.  Cellular therapy should be considered for more serious cases or for people wanting the fastest results with less regard to budget.  Sometimes, it is used in combination with or as a follow-on to PRP therapy.  For more information, please click on this Cellular Therapy link.

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