Invasive medical procedures are not always the answer. At the opposite end of the complexity spectrum is the concept of triggering the body to initiate its natural healing process.

The concept of creating inflammation to stimulate healing has been recorded as early as Roman times where hot needles were poked into the shoulders of injured gladiators. Acupuncture might even be older and studies show it helps relieve pain in certain joints. The insertion of a needle alone was improved on through the addition of sugars, and so Prolotherapy (Prolo) was born in the 1930s.

Prolo is our entry-level service. It is simple, quick, painless, very safe, cost-effective and has a well-documented history of success in pain management.

Prolo consists of a simple injection, typically a mild irritant solution, in the area desired. This creates inflammation at the injection site. Inflammation tells the body that something is wrong and the body’s natural response is to initiate healing. Over the past eighty or so years, it has seen widespread use. The two main practitioners of the technique reported treating over 15,000 human patients stating that the treatment was completely curative in many cases and provided some pain relief to nearly all. A recent review of the scientific evidence available documents a wide number of applications and benefits.

What conditions respond well to Prolo?
Since Prolo works by creating inflammation, it is best suited to treating areas that typically do not automatically signal the body to trigger its healing mechanism. For example, hard-to-reach places that are not well irrigated by blood like the meniscuses in the knee are prime candidates. However, this is an entry-level treatment. It does tells the body to direct its resources to the targeted area but does not speed up or enhance the natural response. For those effects, a more intensive treatment such as our mid-level PRP or our advanced Stem Cell Therapy will be needed.

Please refer to our write-ups on those topics that can be easily accessed through the Service or Library menus.

What Happens During Prolo treatment?
The first step is to numb the area to be treated. You can be placed under a local or short general anesthesia and the Prolo injection is then administered. Prolo typically consists of multiple injections, sometimes 10-15 different ones, to cover the entire area in need of healing. Since the idea is to tell the body where to bring reinforcements, it makes sense to blanket the entire area in question. The actual number and placement of the individual injections is tailored to your need.

The treatment is most effective if the procedure is repeated 3-6 times, at approximately 4-week intervals. To that end, we offer packages when appropriate.

What should I expect after Prolo treatment?
For most people, the procedure only takes an hour and you can come home or go to work immediately after. Once the numbing effects of anesthesia subside, you experience some soreness at the site of the treatment. As with most pain, icing the injection area for 15 minutes 2-3 times a day for the first few days will help ease the pain and inflammation.

Most people experience noticeable improvement within a week or two and can resume normal activity. A follow-up visit is scheduled approximately two weeks after the initial treatment. At that time, the doctor will conduct an evaluation and suggest or refine any decision regarding the need for additional treatments, which are typically the case. Injections are extremely safe and can be combined with other treatments, medications and supplements if desired.

Are Prolo injections safe?
Prolo treatment is extremely safe. Research and clinical data has shown conclusively that Prolo injections have practically no adverse side effects and rare minimal adverse reactions or complications. One such study covered 500,000 human patients over 95 physicians with barely 0.0001% minor problems reported. Since Prolo is simply a mild irritant injection, there is no issue with disease transmission or immune rejection. As with any injection, there is a very small risk of infection, but this is rare, and minimized by our strict adherence to proper medical practices (sterile, closed environments, use of only FDA-approved equipment, etc.)

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Regenerative cellular therapies such as the use of stem cells are widely studied as adjunctive therapies for many conditions, including acute injuries in the skeletal-muscular system as well as in inner organs such as the heart or the brain. Cellular therapy does not replace standard therapies as recommended by your doctor, but may serve as an addition to existing or recommended therapies.  Currently, stem cell therapy is not FDA-approved and is considered experimental.  However, numerous published studies worldwide have shown significant benefits.  Stem cell therapy might represent one of the most potent future medical therapies.  

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