Who Is A Good Candidate?

Stem cells can regenerate tissue in organs as diversified as blood, skin, heart, cartilage to name but a few.  Therefore, cellular therapy is useful for a wide variety of ailments. However, since it is focused on re-generating tissue, it is most beneficial for injuries requiring repair and for degenerative conditions requiring replacement, such as face, hair, and ED. Soft tissue injuries and osteoarthritis are also very  common conditions. These injuries are due to the forces placed on the joints. They are understandably more common in active people. However, the degenerative arthritic process is a life-long condition for all that unfortunately progresses throughout our lives. As effective as cellular therapy can be, it is still an uphill battle against aging, but one that can be won since it addresses not just the symptoms but also the causes.

Examples of good candidates for cellular therapy are people that cannot tolerate or have not responded to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, people with early arthritis or have multiple joints affected by it, and people that are otherwise not good candidates for orthopedic surgery.