What Is Cellular Therapy?

What are stem cells?

A stem cell is characterized by its ability to divide and create another cell like itself and by its potential to become many different types of cells. There are numerous classifications of stem cells but for this discussion, we will focus on adult stem cells. These cells are your own cells, found in a number of tissues in your body. They are part of the repair system for the body, providing the basic material where it is needed. Stem cells create specialized cells to repair damaged cells at the site of an injury or replenish destroyed cell as a result of degenerative processes such as arthritis or simply aging.

The mechanism by which stem cells initiate change within the body is complex. When an injury occurs, chemical signals and pathways are created that lead stem cells to the area of trauma. The stem cells then release growth factors and other chemicals that provide local healing, reduce inflammation and promote damaged tissue regeneration.

Our cellular therapy DOES NOT use Embryos. When many people hear the words “stem cells,” they assume it is in reference to embryonic cells, or those taken from animals, humans, or embryos. We do not seek outside sources for cells. Nor do we attempt to grow them in a laboratory. Rather, we prefer to use cells from your own body in our treatments. There is no controversy: it is legal in the US. We merely kick-start your body into doing what it does best: heal itself. When the FDA authorizes stem cell multiplication through culturing, we will offer state-of-the-art services to take advantage of the increased potency and improved results associated with greater numbers of stem cells. For now however, you are our only source of cells. It is simple, effective and natural.